Altacura is a supplement range for natural defence.

Altacura is a supplement range for natural defence. Altacura stimulates and improves the immune system. Propolis is one of the key ingredients in the Altacura range. One of the top sellers is the Altacura Hot Lemon with vitamin C. Other top sellers include Altacura cough syrups for dry and wet cough. Altacura is very beneficial when taken as a prevention during the cold ...

Altacura Hot Lemon sales increase.

Sales of the newly launched Altacura Hot Lemon sachets with 1000mg Vitamin C are the proof that a successful product strengthens further the Altacura range. Altacura today has become in many countries a leader within the cold and flu over counter products. The special thing about Altacura Hot Lemon is that it is the first time that a pharmaceutical company ...

Altacura Vapour patch launched on the market.

ALTACURA VAPOUR PATCH has been launched on the market in boxes containing 5 aromatherapy patches. Altacura vapour patches contain 6 essential oils and do not cause irritation to the eyes just like many rub on creams on the market. Altacura vapour patches have the advantage of releasing aromtherapy for longer hours than a normal rub on cream that in ...




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